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Comprehensive Healthcare for Women and their Families

There is no doubt that healthcare is among the most important things to humanity. Looking for obstetrician and gynecologist services in Kenya? Look no further than ANKH Women’s Clinic. We’ve stood the test of time serving patients since 2003. All our specialists have decades of experience in their fields and are among the top renowned consultants in Women’s health. At ANKH we offer various services and procedures for Women and their families. Be it infertility that plaguing you or you’re looking for a credible IVF clinic, we’re here for you. We promise to give you the utmost care when you visit our clinic.

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In the video, Dr. Barcley Onyambu narrated the story of Ankh Women Clinic. From humble beginnings of just offering consultation services back in 2003 to a fully fledged women’s clinic with a multitude of services.

Our Specialists

Dr. Barcley Onyambu

Dr Barcley Onyambu is one of the founding OB/GYN specialists at ANKH. He is highly skilled and has over 20 years of experience. With a personalized approach to comprehensive healthcare for women, he provides the best care for his patients.

Dr. Kinyua Muchiri

Dr Kinyua Muchiri is a well-respected OB/GYN with over two decades of experience treating patients with a variety of reproductive conditions. He is a founding partner at ANKH and is wholly involved with patient care ensuring comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

ANKH Testimonials

Stories of how we're changing women's lives

Health is an emotive subject. Especially when a patient has suffered for a long time. It doesn’t just affect the patient individually but also close family members. The right healthcare doesn’t just restore health, it restores self-esteem, confidence, joy, and hope. Our purpose is to create a positive difference in the lives of women and their families through exceptionary healthcare.

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Since 2003 ANKH women’s clinic has touched the lives of thousands of Women. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing our work making an impact in the lives of our patients. When a young couple with infertility issues walks into our clinic and several months later they’re celebrating the birth of a newborn, we rejoice with them.

Read people’s testimonials of how our services and our specialist have made an impact in the lives of patients.

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Why Choose ANKH?

Nairobi's premier clinic for comprehensive healthcare for women and their families

We could say choose us because we’ve stood the test of time. Instead, we say choose us because we have the expertise and we’ve built the experience. Choose us because we offer a wide range of services. But we believe our greatest attribute and strength lies in our customer service and attention to detail. Visit our clinic today for the best women’s health care in Nairobi.

"One of the BEST women Clinic in Kenya. The doctors are thorough. My wife and I are happy with the care and follow up progress Dr. Onyambu has provided for her OBGYN needs. I recommend him highly and without reservation. Best to book an appointment beforehand."

~ Michael Momanyi

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