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See What People Are Saying

One of the BEST women Clinic in Kenya. The doctors are thorough. My wife and I are happy with the care and follow up progress Dr. Onyambu has provided for her OBGYN needs. I recommend him highly and without reservation. Best to book an appointment beforehand.

Michael Momanyi

Spouse to patient

Best women’s clinic in Nairobi for all your gynecological and obstetrical needs! Highly recommended Dr. Barcley Onyambu, he’s indisputably a blessing!

Liz Mwangi


Excellent services from Dr Onyambu.

Wambui Pity


The services I receive from ANKH Women’s Clinic are excellent. Dr. Kinyua is incredible!!  Not only has he taken great care of my reproductive health, but also he is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care. I highly recommend ANKH Women’s Clinic👍

Ruth Vutsengwa